Be Not Overcome Of Evil


Rom 12:21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

The world is evil, that is a given. But should we follow the maxim, "if you can't beat 'em join 'em?" Has it gotten that bad, that throwing up our hands is the only solution? As Christians, we have a word on this (the Scripture quoted above). Note the three thoughts expresses:

• There is evil in the world

• Do NOT be overcome by it

• We CAN overcome evil with good

By applying the ultimate good (Matthew 19:17), to any situation, we are able to see another side to it. Good is obviously the antidote to evil. Even in the midst of an evil culture, even after decades of evil on the rise, while the love of God is able to pierce the hearts of His children, there will always be a sliver of light to penetrate the darkness.

Just like ant-venom applied after a snake-bite...timing is critical, Jesus makes it clear, that the longer the darkness lingers, the more the hearts of the people will become desensitized to the antidote. This world is being poisoned against anything good and moral, what once was a steady trickle, is now in free flow:

• Children cartoons are becoming more violent

• What was once taboo to say or do in public is now common fair

• What was once considered an alternative lifestyle, is quickly becoming the norm

• Crimes which use to occur in the dead of night are now occurring in brightest day

• People who were once off limits for thugs and muggers are now fair game

• The restraints seem to be lifting from society, and what man thinks to do, he does

• And so much more, but space is limited

What we need to earnestly do is not focus on the evil, but on the good. Why? Because by beholding, we become changed! If we constantly beholding evil, it will imperceptibly change us. It is often stated in my hearing, that when bank tellers are studying currency, they do not study the counterfeits, but the genuine article. Why? Because there are hundreds of counterfeits, but there is only one genuine. If they know what the real currency looks like, they will be able to spot the fake.

While this world is consumed with evil, while there is an over abundance of negative...there is an antidote to all of this...the antidote to evil...good!!!

There is evil that is truth, but there is also good...which if it is applied to situations, will overcome the evil. God is the ultimate good. If we keep our eyes on Christ Jesus, no matter how much evil there is in the will always overcome and rise above it!!!!

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